By the grace of God I would love to share my experience in the access point church first of all there was a renewal of the inner man by the words and teaching from God’s servants I had a transformation from my spirit man to the outer man I came to realise my position in Christ who I am in Christ I came to understand how to operate and live like Christ on Earth the miracle of the mind or should I say the miracle of the mindset is the greatest testimony every child of god must have the renewal from the inner man to the outer man is the biggest miracle that can happen to man on Earth understanding the price that was paid for us on the cross this is my experience in the access point church and not with standing I have been working in favour of God because that’s been a renewal of my mind and there’s been a shift in my spiritual life is affecting my physical is an access point church I understand the meaning of show me a man that has a renewed spiritual mind I will show you a man that works in the supernatural

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60, Owerri Street, Becky Gardens Estate, Karu Extension

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